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The LakePoint Champions Center is a state-of-the-art facility purpose-built for extraordinary views of multiple indoor sporting environments. From sporting tournaments, camps, clinics, and championships, to corporate events and trade shows, LakePoint’s Champions Center is one of the premier venues of its kind.


LakePoint currently offers three Multi-Purpose Fields on its South Campus. Each field is fully equipped with Shaw Sports Turf and LED lighting from industry leader Musco. LakePoint’s fields are perfect for any outdoor field sport and have hosted premier events such as Trent Dilfer’s QBEpic, SunBelt Women’s Soccer, Adidas Lacrosse, and much more.

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LakePoint’s elite baseball facilities include 8 Major League-size fields, which are surfaced entirely with synthetic turf provided by Shaw Sports Turf. This high-tech playing surface has been designed to accurately mimic the bounce of the ball off of real dirt and grass, and will allow fields to be playable immediately after rain. Each field is equipped with chair back seats, batting cages and bullpens. Other state-of-the-art features include fully digital scoreboards and LED field lighting by sports lighting industry leader Musco.


Rally Volleyball is dedicated to advancing Volleyball into one of the top media and entertainment sports in the US. They will meet the growing demand of the sport through creative programming, development and marketing opportunities. They will incorporate best practices utilized by other leading sports organizations and operate through a lens on excellence, customer service and innovation

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Our park includes a small training lake, a beginner full-size lake, and an advanced full-size lake! First-timers can learn how to ride on our state-of-the-art Sesitec System 2.0 Training Lake!  On the Beginner Full-Size Lake beginners simply learn to circle the clockwise full-size system, as well as ride the smaller features for the first time. More advanced riders can hit rails or ramps that are similar to those in snowboarding parks on the Advance Full-Size Lake.