The Skills Academy is individualized skill training designed

for everyone who has a strong work ethic and passion for

the game of basketball. The Skills Academy will have

sessions on Sunday evenings. All workouts will be held at

the LakePoint Champions Center and will last

approximately 1 or 2 hours. The breakdown of schedule by

the division is as follows:


Package 1                                                    Package 2

10 Sessions                                                20 Sessions

Cost $250                                                    Cost $450


Sunday’s – 5:00, 6:00 or 7:00

*Note: Group sessions will be assigned per skill levels, and after registration*

LakePoint Basketball LakePoint Sports Emerson GA

Please note that you can enroll your child in our basketball training programs at anytime. Our programs are scheduled

for year-around as our goal is to ensure that every player gets their sessions completed before they move to the next

level of training. This will ensure that each player moves at his/her own pace.


We also respect the fact that everyone is busy, therefore we try to work with parents schedules and don’t penalize them

for their start times or when a player may have to miss a session.



Walter Jordan