LakePoint is where the best amateur volleyball in the country is played.

Rally Volleyball

Rally Volleyball is dedicated to advancing Volleyball into one of the top media and entertainment sports in the US. They will meet the growing demand of the sport through creative programming, development and marketing opportunities. They will incorporate best practices utilized by other leading sports organizations and operate through a lens on excellence, customer service and innovation.

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Elite Facilities

The Rally Volleyball Complex at LakePoint features a 2-story open air pavilion situated between the courts and provides a great viewing area in a lounge setting fully equipped with comfortable seating, TVs, and wireless internet access enabling guests to follow tournament activity in real time from computers or mobile devices.  The courts are also lit with state-of-the-art LED lights by Musco, the leader in sports lighting.  These capabilities have not been fully realized across the country, keeping LakePoint at the forefront of sports tournament venues.

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Fun For All

Whether you are a VB veteran, a weekend warrior, or have never played before, you will have a great experience at Rally Volleyball. With indoor, grass and sand courts readily available, you will be able to get your volleyball fix. Tournaments cater to the beginners all the way to the professionals. Camps, clinics, and leagues are available to help every volleyball player expand their knowledge and skill. For volleyball players who may come to LakePoint, plan to have a great time.

lakepoint, rally volleyball

Upcoming Rally Events

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20dec6:00 pm- 9:00 pmOpen Gym Volleyball

27dec6:00 pm- 9:00 pmOpen Gym Volleyball

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Sand Volleyball

LakePoint’s Sand Volleyball Complex is a premier facility for both the player and spectator. Players dig our 10 courts of pro-regulation sand, on-site showers and bathrooms, as well as a cooling area and state-of-the-art electronic tournament tracking.  Spectators can enjoy a full-service concession stand, shade, and beverages under a two-level permanent cabana.  The Sand Complex also features LED sport lighting from industry leader Musco so that play can happen all day and night.

Rally Volleyball at LakePoint Sports Champions Center

Indoor Volleyball

LakePoint’s Indoor Pavilion features 24 volleyball courts under one roof!  Each court will be equipped with a fully digital scoreboard and state-of-the-art netting support technology, enabling court setup to take place at the push of a button.  Each of the 2 gymnasiums can convert into a single championship court, complete with stadium seating for approximately 5,000 people, ideal event and championship competition space. This isn’t a converted warehouse; this is a professionally designed multi-sports facility.

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Turf Volleyball

Located across from our Sand Complex, we have 81 courts anchored on 3 fields, all on cutting edge synthetic turf. The fields are equipped with brand new HydroChill turf technology, which enables them to maintain temperatures more than 50 degrees cooler than normal synthetic turf fields, so no more hot feet! This extraordinary synthetic turf is also engineered to reduce injuries and fatigue while enhancing the playing experience. Rain? Not a problem. The turf can drain 18 inches per HOUR. The fields will also feature LED sport lighting from industry leader Musco so that play can happen all day and night.

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Sand Volleyball Complex at LakePoint
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