LakePoint's Mission

The first of our four-part Mission Statement states:

“LakePoint is to be a place where kids can showcase their sports skills to advance their education.” In just three years of operations (with only one-half season open for the indoor sports), there have been over 2,000 college scholarships awarded to athletes who have displayed their skills in front of college scouts at LakePoint.

The second part of our Mission Statement states:

“LakePoint is to be a place where families can come together to create lifetime memories both on and off the field.” Great memories of playing on our world class athletic facilities is already being chronicled on social media. Meanwhile, our seven entertainment venues (Station, Lagoon, Mountain, Landing, Golf, Rapids and BoomTown) are being designed for the whole family to enjoy.

The third part of our Mission Statement states:

“LakePoint is to be a place that makes the world of sport safer, smarter and better.”
It is one thing to talk safety but another to monetarily commit to it. LakePoint has spent an extra 25% installing a two-inch shock absorber under the soccer/lacrosse fields to eliminate the head to turf concussions. We also spent $90,000 per field to add cutting edge technology produced by Shaw Sports Turf known as HydroChill, an appliqué that reduces the temperature on the fields by 30-50 degrees, to address the overheating issue in those sports.
All baseball fields are equipped with Trackman high speed cameras to gather pitching, hitting and throwing data. LakePoint fields were the first to have all outside LED lighting by Musco. We are also in the design stage of ASPIRE, a mixed use sports-centered development, which will include classrooms for sports management as well as a lecture hall to be used to educate not just the player but the coach and parent as well on all the relevant issues of their particular sport, whether it be pitch counts, muscle recovery, nutrition, hydration, biomechanics, all will be addressed at LakePoint.
Also located within ASPIRE will be leadership and attitude training with character development at the core of our mission. Within the baseball complex, LakePoint has kiosks that address holistically how to make the sports body better, the sports mind better and the sports heart better. Specifically at our kiosk known as Heart of a Champion, teams and/or individual players can sign up to do a mission project during their off game time. On Sunday mornings, we offer voluntary worship services from this same kiosk.

The fourth part of our Mission Statement states:

“LakePoint is a place where we maximize our investors’ return while honoring God.” For the mission of LakePoint to be sustained, we must have margin. But the margin cannot be the end game; we must give back. We are committed (and already in the planning stages) to be a home for the Miracle League, Paralympics, Special Olympics and the Brian Jordan Center for Excellence (a sports foster home addressing some impoverished needs in the community). We also have established the 501(c)3 LakePoint Gamechangers Foundation and have already donated thousands of dollars while in our infancy stage to needy charities in the local area.

Our platform for teaching core values and making a difference in the lives of players, coaches, parents and siblings at LakePoint is without limits. We are inspired by this opportunity to teach and encourage our LakePoint guests, so that when they go back to their respective homes in all 50 states, they will pass on what they learned at LakePoint throughout the country. Mission is our Foundation.

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