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Is parking available?

Yes, parking is conveniently available throughout the park. There is a charge for parking at certain venues. We recommend checking the policies for your sport  to find out if parking is a premium for your event or tournament.  

What hotel should we stay in?

Before getting to LakePoint, we will assist all teams, parents and fans with hotel reservations during your event. Our dedicated team has secured room blocks at over 100 area hotels just for LakePoint and reservations are easy with our online system. We hope you have a great stay!

When will Bass Pro be built?

Bass Pro is coming soon.  Stay updated on the development schedule

Can we buy food for the team?

We will take team orders in advance (must have at least a 48 hour notice) through this email address:  teamcatering@topshelfconcessions.com. If purchased onsite, it will be ready in 15 minutes.


Can I bring food into the park?

No outside food or drinks are allowed in the park. In addition, due to the quality and maintenance needs of the synthetic turf at LakePoint, peanuts with shells, sunflower seeds and gum are strictly prohibited. Players are allowed to bring in one individual water bottle.

What is the estimated amount of annual visitors?

There will be an estimate of 6,000,000+ annual visitors.

How far, percentage wise, is LakePoint from being fully complete with construction?

We currently own over 1,300 acres of property in Emerson, GA, and have developed approximately 350 of those acres.  As of August 2016, we are about 25% developed.

When is LakePoint estimated to be completed?

Full development is estimated for 2018.

What types of products and services does LakePoint offer?

LakePoint currently has five core sports tenants which offer tournaments and events in Baseball, Sand Volleyball, Cable Wakeboarding, Lacrosse, and Soccer. From an operations standpoint, we offer merchandise and concessions sales, event management services, marketing services, facilities support and technical support. We also have a land leasing/sales team, retail leasing team, and investor relations team.