Family Tae Kwon Do Class

What is Taekwondo (TKD)?

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art with origins dating back to Korea’s early Kokooryo kingdom. While the art includes both hand and leg techniques, it is widely known for its many kicking combinations, which provides students the ability to disable their opponents using a combination of self-defense and combat techniques. The motions are fluid and follow the design of the body, creating more effective offensive and defensive movements.
Taekwondo students will experience an improvement in their flexibility, balance, and overall coordination. Weight loss and physical fitness are among a number of other outstanding benefits. Beyond the obvious physical advantages Taekwondo offers students, it is also ideal for mental conditioning.

What can Tae Kwon Do do for you?

1. Teaches you how to defend yourself
2. Increases your agility and flexibility
3. Strengthens your body and mind
4. Enhances your self confidence
5. Promotes your overall fitness
6. Develops your self-discipline
7. Relieves your stress